Your employees love and deserve great coffee. So get them to help you to make the right choices!

Monday, October 21, 2019

The old-fashioned coffee pot at our workplaces is fast disappearing in favor of a whole variety of different and novel types of coffee and beverage machines. So how do you ensure your employees get the best coffee at work?

Make a list of employee coffee preferences

Coffee at work is increasingly seen as an essential “vitamin” and energy “pick-me-up”. So what makes employees happy with their coffee? What are their favorite choices and how many milk variations are consumed in the office? For many people, time constraint also plays a role and for some their morning coffee preference is different from their afternoon choice. So it’s all the more important to know exactly what types of coffee your employees prefer.


So many people, so many tastes

By doing a survey you will discover what best fits your organization. And don’t forget to include the following questions:

• Preferences, e.g. cappuccino, espresso, latte macchiato, espresso macchiato. These options form the minimum choice for your workplace. It’s also key to find out which are the most popular as well as what type is preferred, e.g. beans, instant, filter, etc., and to know how many cups are drunk daily on your premises?

• To what extent does the current coffee supply meet these requirements and what would your employees want to change?

• The profiles of your employees: different age groups, how many hours per day or week they work, their work locations, (e.g., office, on the road for sales people, factory, etc.).


The best match for coffee at work

Which coffee provision fits best with your organization will always be a combination of different factors. We are often tempted by tasty flavors and beautiful coffee machines, but we forget to look critically at our situation. Is it about luxury looks or practical benefits, for example?

Another determining factor is the way in which the coffee machine is cleaned. To what extent are you involved in maintenance? Do you outsource this with your coffee supplier or do you want to keep it in-house? In which case it is also important to look at the time involved in cleaning each machine.