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White is the new green – new Maggi Professional packaging is easier to recycle

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Nestlé Professional has recently redesigned its well-known Maggi Professional packaging from red and yellow to white – as one sustainable way of going greener.

The company is the first in the food services industry to change to white plastic packaging to make it easier for chefs, caterers, hotels and restaurants to contribute to the recycling process.


In addition, the new white Maggi Professional packaging is 100% recyclable by design.


More value in white plastics


In the recycled materials market, white and transparent plastics are the preferred option because they can be recycled easily and dyed with greater flexibility in comparison to coloured plastics, as highlighted by Tom Szaky, CEO for recycling company Terracycle and reusable packaging shopping system Loop1.


The clearer the plastic is, the better quality and the more material value it has for recycling companies.


This is because some recycling facilities consider certain coloured plastics as contaminants to the recycling stream, and as a result, simply dispose of them instead of recycling. When having to compete with the price of producing virgin plastics, this makes it more difficult for recycling companies. So some may not recycle a plastic coloured container, as it’s often easier to throw away.



New packaging is easier to recycle


Maggi Professional’s new food service container packaging for European and Middle East markets is made out of polypropylene (PP), which is frequently used for everyday household products such as margarine tubs2. It is convenient to recycle, easy to handle and store in the kitchen.


The new white packaging – including container, lid and label – can all be placed in a recycling bin where recycling systems are available.


If there are no established systems in the area, they can team up with existing local recycling companies to set up a collection and recycling system, as another way of still going green in the kitchen.


All three sizes of the new Maggi Professional products, including the 1.2l, 1.6l, and 2.0l pack formats, are recyclable and contain a total of 33% less plastic, compared to the previous packaging.

As a result, Nestlé Professional’s food service plastic consumption in Europe is estimated to be cut by 131,000kg a year, in its first year of launch.


Improved and hygienic packaging for chefs


The new design has an improved tamper function that stays on the pack after opening, making it easier for chefs and cooks to recycle the whole container as one. This prevents smaller pieces of plastic littering the environment or leaking into water bodies.


It has also been designed without a rim, eliminating any product build-up near the lid and making it more hygienic and less messy for chefs to use.


The launch of the new white Maggi Professional packaging is part of Nestlé’s commitment announced last year to make 100% of its packaging reusable or recyclable by 20253, setting out its broader vision for a waste-free future in January 20194.





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