What types of coffee machines are on the market? And what is the best choice for your workplace?

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Many people assume that the coffee beans provide the taste to a great coffee, and that is true. But did you know that the same coffee can taste vastly different in a different type of machine?

Machine types

When looking at the different types of machines, you’ll notice that they are categorized according to the brewing method. There are three main brewing methods and each machine is suitable for one or more brewing methods. The brewing system creates different coffee tastes, even if the coffee beans are the same.

The capacity of the coffee machine is an important factor too. There are machines that make 200 cups of coffee per hour, but if your organization consists of 10 employees, this is not necessary. You should also consider other factors in the machine choice including extras and add-on such as milk frothing equipment?

Do you want to offer your employees and customers different coffee varieties? If so, first check what is needed in the workplace. This way you can find out which variations are the most popular. This can be done via a simple employee coffee survey.

Setting methods

The most common brewing methods are: instant, freshly brewed and espresso.

  • Instant: this means that the coffee is in powder form. The machine then mixes the water with the extract in a mixing bowl or mixer.
  • Freshly brewed: with fresh brew, better known as filter coffee, water is drawn through the filter in the machine using the vacuum principle. The water then seeps through the ground beans to make the end cup.
  • Espresso: in the espresso method, or bean coffee, the beans are ground in the machine and dosed, after which water is pushed through the ground beans at high pressure.

Instant machines

Instant machines are intended for making instant or “soluble” coffee. Instant coffee is a 100% pure coffee that is easy to prepare. A great advantage of instant coffee is its long shelf life; the coffee can be stored for months. Furthermore, instant machines are also easy to clean and maintain.

Bean machine

Though a bean machine requires more maintenance than an instant machine, it also has many advantages. The beans are freshly ground with every cup served. This means you always have a fresh cup of coffee. The machine automatically grinds the beans. All you have to do is make sure the bean container is filled and press the button of your favorite coffee choice.

Combi machine

The “combi” machine gives you the best of both worlds. This machine makes it possible to make both instant coffee and fresh bean coffee quickly.


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