What is Prime Roast coffee?

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

At Nestlé Professional, we have a vision that every Barista deserves to use fresh beans when brewing their coffee, so that their customers can enjoy the rich flavor in every cup.


In 2019 Roastelier by Nescafé was launched enabling coffee shops and Baristas to prepare freshly roasted coffee from a range of unique Prime Roast coffee beans. These high-quality beans come from several famous origins and use a two-stage roasting system to enable customers to serve freshly roasted coffee within hours of roasting.


Roastelier by Nescafé is a compact countertop roasting solution designed to help coffee shops and Barista master the art of roasting – let’s take a closer look at Prime Roast coffee and unlock the magic that makes it different.



What is Prime Roast?


The Prime Roast method is the result of many years of research.


Sandrine Courregelongue, a Senior R&D Specialist at Nestlé, explains that it is a unique roasting method developed by Nestlé’s Master Roasters. “In the early development of taste and aroma, we take great care to perfect roasting parameters to deliver high quality ingredients for you to perform the final roasting in your store,” she explains. “We call this our Prime Roast.”


She says that the first step of Roastelier by Nescafé’s two-step process makes it easier for baristas to roast and serve fresh coffee for their consumers. Prime Roast beans are pre-roasted to a specific point before they arrive with the user. This helps to reduce the level of chaff and waste when the beans are used with the countertop roaster in a café setting.


“Roasting with Prime Roast beans will also reduce smoke emissions in the shop compared to green coffee roasting,” Sandrine adds.


To highlight the distinct and vibrant tasting notes in each of the Prime Roast coffees on offer, the Roastelier by Nescafé team has carefully prepared several key roast profiles for users. “The system is equipped with a QR code reader that recognizes the coffee type from the packaging and unlocks several roast profiles for the selected Prime Roast origin,” Sandrine explains. “Through the intuitive user interface, baristas can select the roast profile from a proposed menu based on target sensory notes.”


This process ensures consistency at café level, with baristas controlling the volume to roast based on the demand, thus prioritizing freshness.


“After the coffee is fully roasted in the second step by the Roastelier by Nescafé roaster, it can then be used as a component in a blend, allowing coffee shop owners to create their signature blend,” she continues.



Which Prime Roast origins are available?


A range of high-quality beans are available as part of the Prime Roast range, all of which are top-grade arabica coffees sourced from across the world. “You have the unique possibility to create your very own signature coffee by blending these various single origins together,” she explains. “Coffee origins are selected for their individual sensory characteristics and their complementarity, maximizing the blending opportunities for the baristas and customers.”


There are currently three Prime Roast origins available: Colombia, Brazil, and Ethiopia Sidamo.


The Colombian has a smooth texture with fruity and winey notes. Sandrine notes that you can also taste a lively acidity in the coffee, especially with light and medium roasts. When used in blends, it can also provide a good base of sweetness and body.


The Brazilian coffee, meanwhile, makes for a great espresso blend, as it’s packed with a number of distinctive nutty and chocolatey flavors which are clearly present when the coffee is roasted medium.


Finally, the Ethiopia Sidamo offers a crisp, vibrant acidity when roasted light, but also works when roasted darker or as a component in a blend.  “The Ethiopia Sidamo region covers a wide spectrum of sensory profiles from bright citrus flavors with fruity sweet characteristics, to rich caramel, spices, and cocoa flavors with a syrupy body in darker roasts,” notes Sandrine.



Creating a delicious and enticing coffee menu with Prime Roast coffees is simple and straightforward, making it easier than ever for baristas to master the art of roasting.  By leveraging the Roastelier by Nescafé solution, café owners can guarantee freshness and consistency while experimenting with signature blends for their customers. Baristas could extract their coffee beans just after roasting and enjoy fresh aromas and flavors in the cup.


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