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Tracing the New Burundi Coffee for Roastelier with Blockchain

Monday, March 1, 2021

Nestlé Professional is using blockchain technology to trace their latest single origin coffee from Burundi for Roastelier by Nescafé.

This limited edition East African coffee can be traced from its origin from the many small holder farmers in the Ngozi region. 


Customers and their consumers can follow the coffee journey and learn about the inner workings of how this coffee is made through the Roastelier Burundi WebsiteBlockchain technology and Rainforest Alliance certifications help guarantee traceability through the IBM Food Trust ™ platform.


Coffee with a story, from farm to cup 


Roastelier Burundi coffee community’s passion and enthusiasm has been documented at every step of the journey, giving consumers unique insight and transparency into the process. Website information of the journey from bean to cup includes interviews with a coffee grower and green coffee expert from Nestlé. 


Burundi’s altitude, plentiful rainfall and moderate climate make it the ideal location for growing high-quality Arabica coffee beans.


Developing a Coffee Community


Roastelier is a compact coffee-roasting solution that enables local baristas to unlock the art of roasting in their stores, to have the ultimate in fresh coffee. Baristas can share their passion by expertly brewing the coffee for their customers to enjoy, either in-store or on the go. 


The Roastelier range also includes single origin coffees from Colombia and Brazil, which have been responsibly sourced and selected per the for high-quality Nestlé standards. 


Baristas also have the option to sell the freshly roasted beans for additional revenue. The freshly roasted beans can be offered in take away packaging so that their consumers can also brew their coffee at home. 


Roastelier is in the process of a gradual roll-out, with the initial markets showing promising results, despite the COVID-19 impact on the Out of Home Industry.