Spread the Word - Speaking Up about Sustainability

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Remember, when you’re making your business more sustainable, everyone wants to hear about it!

Climate change is a problem that affects all of us, so any steps you take toward a more sustainable way of life and work deserve to be made known. Here are some tips for communicating your changes to everyone connected with your business.



Vendors : “We’re in this together.”




• Ask suppliers what they’re doing to fight climate change.


• Make your preference for more sustainable ingredients, packaging, and transportation known.


• Talk about how you can partner to help each other reach your sustainability goals.


• Offer your food scraps as compost to nourish your vendors’ crops.



Customers : “We share your goals.”


• Remember that consumers are looking for businesses that prioritize sustainability.


• Make official commitments or goals about sustainability, measuring where you are today, what numbers you want to reach, and when you want to reach them.


• Share your commitments on indoor & outdoor signage, menus, and social media.


• Publicize your efforts and results, backing them up with measurable data if possible.


• Always check local regulations before making sustainability claims, as every country has its own regulations.




Staff: “We are working to make a difference.”



• Talk to your staff about why sustainable practices matter and tell them what you’re doing.


• Help everyone on staff understand how they can play a role to create a better planet.


• Equip your wait staff to answer questions that guests may have about your practices.


• Encourage your staff to offer suggestions if they think of a more sustainable way to do something.