Planetpro: Unpacking waste problems

Friday, October 2, 2020

Strive to follow the three Rs of sustainability.

From ingredients to paper goods and cleaning supplies, most of the items that your business purchases will arrive in some type of packaging. To reduce packaging waste, strive to follow the three Rs of sustainability.




Ask suppliers to use more sustainable packaging materials or to minimize their packaging, using just enough to protect ingredients en route.

You can also order in bulk when possible, so you have fewer cartons and less plastic wrap to dispose

Instead of single-use packages and wraps, ask for refillable or
reusable containers like kegs, plastic crates, pallets, and tarps.

Once containers are empty, set them aside in a designated space until the supplier can pick them up again.





Look up your local ordinance to see which materials can be recycled and how they should be cleaned and sorted.

Then train staff accordingly, making sure they know recycling is important.
You can make the process easier by designating collection areas.

Arrange for pickup or drop-off of materials on a regular basis to keep your business clean and uncluttered.