Planetpro: At the Table

Friday, October 2, 2020

Dinner is served, but waste reduction doesn’t end here. 

There are several steps you can take to prevent or cut back on waste as you serve the meal and clean up after your serve the meal and clean up after your guests.


Casual/Family Style/Fine Dining

  • When guests choose smaller portions, use smaller plates to help them perceive a better value.
  • Where the practice is acceptable, offer to wrap uneaten food so guests can finish it at home.
  • Set up a collection point in the dish room where usable food scraps can be salvaged for composting. Train staff to separate food scraps from garbage to prevent contamination of compost.


Fast Casual/Takeout/Business & Institutions

  • Replace single use plastic containers with reusable and recyclable options when possible. 
  • Where paper napkins are used, offer 1-2 per guest instead of unlimited access.
  • Help guests dispose of items properly on-site by providing separate bins for composting, recycling, and trash along with pictures and simple instructions.
  • Set up bins for recycling and try a deposit sheme to encourage returns of reusable to-go containers.