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New KitKat Spread Brings More Smiles to Out of Home Breaks

Monday, September 13, 2021

Following a successful launch in Brazil, Nestlé Professional is rolling out the chocolate spread that helps chefs and foodservice operators deliver the KitKat signature taste of perfect balance of chocolate and wafer to a wide variety of snack and dessert applications to selected markets in EMENA and AOA.


Specifically designed for the out of home customer, the versatile and ready to use KitKat Spread brings a smooth and crispy KitKat experience to both hot and cold applications. It has been tested with chefs in a variety of applications from ice cream to pastry to beverages.  


“We are pleased to be able to support chefs in creating more excitement with an easy-to-use branded product that consumers know and love around the world.” explains Cornel Krummenacher, Head of Global Food for the Nestlé Professional Strategic Business Unit. “We feel that the KitKat Spread is unique in the market and customers have told us that being able to brand their products “Made with”KITKAT Spread” helps with consumer appeal and product premiumness.


“We have received great feedback from Brazilian customers about KitKat Spread’s versatility in many applications” said Cleide Duplan, Confectionery Category Leader for Nestlé Professional. “Customers are testing different recipes as part of a limited-edition menu and because of such positive consumer response, they have become part of their permanent menu.”  


The KitKat Spread is available in a 3-kilogram foodservice size recyclable container that reseals to ensure freshness. One package can serve 150 crêpes.


KitKat Spread will be available in South Africa, Singapore, Pakistan, Turkey, Adriatics, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, and the Middle East region, with more markets to follow later this year.



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