Meet Zohaa Khurram, our plant-based beverage expert at Nestlé Professional

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Supporting plant-based lifestyles and developing dairy alternative beverages for baristas around the world is more than a job for Zohaa, it is a passion and a way of life.  


Embracing the plant-based lifestyle


Zohaa grew up in Pakistan, which amongst many country realities, is also an agricultural country in Asia producing a vast variety of crops all year round due to the conductive climate. “Growing vegetables and fruits in home gardens and enjoying fresh produce from the farm, is an accessible luxury for us in Pakistan” she shared.


“Being raised with fresh vegetables always being core to daily meals, really gave me a good start.  As I grew older, I learned more about the contribution to the environment and personal health and became more committed in choosing plant-based diets” explained Zohaa.   

She is a health and wellness enthusiast and is committed to physical and mental well-being through activities like yoga and Pilates. She is also passionate about animal life around us and their role in a balanced ecosystem.

Zohaa joined Nestlé Professional eight years ago in Pakistan and moved to Switzerland two years ago as a Global Beverage Category Executive for the plant-based category, which was a natural fit.  



Great plant-based taste and experience for all


“The rise of flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan diet preferences are increasing the demand of  plant-based products. Consumers want to make a difference one step at a time and by choosing dairy alternatives they believe they are doing so, both health-wise and environmentally.” She added. Dairy alternatives made from ingredients such as pea, oat, almond, soy, rice, and coconut have rapidly made their mark in the beverage industry.


“I’m humbled that we, as a team, are aiming at developing a better for you beverage that is also great tasting and performing and helps to delight their consumers, in this incredible journey they have embarked” she said.



By Baristas, For Baristas


In the out-of-home coffee category, Zohaa pointed out that the baristas biggest struggle in delighting their plant-based consumer, is to find the ideal product that doesn’t overpower the taste profile of coffee and allows them to perform good latte art. 


“We understand that most of the consumers are early adopters, and their expectation is a similar taste and sensory experience that they are used to. Bearing this in mind we went to great lengths in developing a nutritionally appealing yet tasty, plant-based dairy alternative that complements the coffee, giving a creamy micro foam, that is ideal for latte art. As for us, satisfying both our baristas and the end consumer was critical” she explained.


Nestlé Professional launched WUNDA Professional Barista, a pea-based dairy alternative, that was developed by in-house coffee and dairy experts, along with the Master Barista.  It has been launched in Portugal, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, and Poland and will continue to be rolled out across Europe in 2022.


This is just one example, as more products have been launched for out of home operators around the world, including recent launches in Chile and China, and there are plans for more. 


lady wunda              



“I am humbled to be part of the team that will continue to develop products and offerings within the plant-based category to meet the increasing customer needs and consumer demand” explains Zohaa.