Meet Wendy part of our Coffee Passionate Team at Nestlé Professional 

Sunday, December 5, 2021

For many people, coffee is a beverage that is consumed as part of their daily ritual, social interaction, or hospitality experience. “Coffee brings people together, but it is also a moment for self-expression and self-care” explains Wendy Christensen, Global Coffee Category Lead at Nestlé Professional.  

“Coffee is a gift from nature that is transformed by smart, passionate people starting with the incredible farmers through to the baristas that create the final end-cup. It is a small panacea, a universal remedy, transformed by alchemy, which inspires me on a personal level. It is the coffee spirit that lifts a coffee moment.” 

The spirit of coffee 

Wendy’s passion for coffee stems from her hands-on experience when she travelled to the central highlands of Vietnam – the world’s second largest exporter of coffee – spending time with partner farmers to experience how they live and work. “It was truly inspiring,” said the mother of two, “coming from a farming family, I related to their spirit, their freedom of living life in an organic way, their passion and pride in what they cultivate. It brought me back to my roots, growing up on a farm in Somerset, UK.” 

Her upbringing, together with over 20 years at Nestlé and the coffee out-of-home businesses, has given Wendy a unique and deep insight into how coffee is sustainably sourced from farm to cup Nescafé’s responsible sourcing journey.  

Bringing the coffee story to life 

Wendy loves spending time with people in the coffee industry, gaining valuable customer and consumer insights, and bringing it all together to create meaningful coffee stories and moments. “Innovative storytelling about the passionate people behind the coffee helps to bring their story to life and to elevate the overall coffee experience” she adds. 

Coffee Passionate Team 

Wendy and her team strive to delight their customers and their consumers, by providing total coffee solutions that actively connects and delivers what people want as part of their coffee experience. The team recently improved Nescafé products and machines to meet the different customer needs and the variety of demand moments of the out of home consumers, from Nescafé whole roasted beans, soluble coffees and Combi machine, to in-store coffee roasting with Roastelier® by Nescafé®.  

Wendy and her team are committed to share their coffee passion by giving live webinars about coffee, coffee trends, plant-based milks, and sustainability in coffee. Find out more about coffee by joining the free webinar on December 7.