Meet our Coffee Passionate Team at Nestlé Professional - Alessandro

Wednesday, September 15, 2021



Stepping into the role of Out of Home Global Category Manager for one of the biggest coffee brands in the world not only provides Nestlé Professional’s Alessandro Bottazzi with a new and exciting opportunity, but it also brings him back to his coffee roots.


Alessandro grew up in a small town in Italy – a country known as the global center of coffee, thanks to the creation of the first patented espresso machine by Angelo Moriondo in Turin in 1884, which sparked a new way of drinking the popular beverage.


From remembering his mother’s daily ritual of brewing a Moka coffee pot at home, to socializing over coffee with friends, and looking to taste specific coffee blends wherever he travels to in the world; Alessandro believes the connection with coffee is something we can all relate to.


“I drink all types of coffee. Being Italian, coffee is a tradition. Once you discover it, there are different types and ways of making and experiencing it. The opportunities are endless,” he said.


The coffee connection is embedded in his work life too. Alessandro joined Nestlé Italy in 1998 covering various positions in finance, sales, and coffee marketing, including managing Nescafé. He continued working in the coffee category for the EMENA region, and earlier this year, was appointed as Nescafé Global Category Manager for the Nestlé Professional Strategic Business Unit in Switzerland.


Responsible coffee


“The coffee world and coffee category are really rocking now, bringing about a great deal of innovation. I would like Nescafé out of home, to be known as the sustainability leader, by both customers and consumers,” he said.


“Being the biggest producer of coffee in the world brings a lot of responsibility,” he stressed. “Through the Nescafé Plan, which marks its ten-year anniversary this year, we work with our partners and agronomists, to support farmers with high-yielding and disease-resistant coffee plantlets.  Additionally, we have educational programs focusing on leadership and business skills. 


“We seek to foster a more robust and sustainable coffee sector and to support a sustainable planet.  We care about how people consume coffee, and this is all embedded in our strategy. So, it’s not about why, it’s about how to be sustainable,” he added.


Find out more by joining The Coffee Journey webinar on September 30.