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Join our "Drink or even eat the perfect cup of coffee!" live webinar

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

In this webinar, our Nestlé Professional coffee experts, barista and chef will share their knowledge and passion for coffee and give you inspiring tips about coffee and how to utilize it as a genuine cooking ingredient.

Participants have the opportunity to receive a digital badge and those who attend all 3 webinars will receive a Certified Coffee Passionate digital badge and certificate from Worldchefs and Nestlé Professional. 


Sign up today at  to learn about: 

  • What is Coffee Extraction
  • How to identify the different coffee beverage categories
  • The key parameters that affect extraction and flavor
  • Experimenting with coffee, using different coffees as a cooking ingredient
  • Recipes for using coffee as key ingredient in cooking

When: November 16th​ 
Where: 10:00AM CET on Zoom and catch a replay at 5PM CET on Facebook Live Twitter and YouTube!​