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Join our "Climate Change and Food Service" live webinar!

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Everybody is talking about climate change. To help join in on the conversation, it is important that you know and understand the vocabulary that is being used and the impact of the choices that are being made from the farmers’ fields to the table.

Like many people you’re probably ready to take action! But you may be wondering what practical steps you can take to make the most impact. We will look at some the opportunities chefs, baristas, and food service professional can take to work toward Net Zero Emissions.


Sign up today to our upcoming “Climate Change and Food Service” live free webinar to learn about:

•  The language of climate change

•  The food industry’s impact on climate change

•  The carbon footprint from the farmers’ fields to the table

•  Simple actions to reduce carbon footprints


Where: 14:00 CET on Zoom 

When: March 16, 2022


A digital badge and certificate will be awarded to the participants of this webinar.