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International Chefs Day

International Chefs Day 2019

Thursday, September 12, 2019

International Chefs Day on 20 October 2019 offers chefs from around the globe a unique opportunity to network, promote their profession to future chefs and make a difference in their local communities through making healthy eating fun and exciting for kids.​

The World Association of Chefs Societies has committed to use International Chefs Day to educate kids around the world about the importance of healthy eating. In doing this, they aim to expose kids to the culinary profession and teach them good eating habits they can carry with them for life.​

Nestlé Professional is proud to offer the expertise of the Nestlé Healthy Kids programme and partner with chefs’ associations around the world to make this possible

Our theme this year is HOW HEALTHY FOOD WORKS. We want to show how food affects our bodies internally. This year we would like to take the last two years of Healthy Heroes and Healthy Foods for Growing up and go into more depth of what different foods do for us and why we need them.

We want to use this opportunity to teach kids about healthy eating by letting them be creative with food. With the chef’s input, education and help, the kids will be able to create recipes out of healthy foods, helping to teach the kids How Healthy Food Works.