Innovation in the coffee industry

Monday, October 21, 2019

The world is constantly changing and innovating. This also applies to the coffee industry where more and more ways to make coffee are being created each year. 

Energy efficiency

Energy-efficient coffee machines are becoming increasingly popular. One example in the coffee industry is innovation in the field of induction technology, where the heating element is only switched on at the moment that a cup of coffee is made. The temperature can also be set specifically for each drink where you make tea, for example, at a higher temperature than coffee. This makes this technology a lot more energy efficient compared to using a traditional large boiler, or to keeping coffee hot on a stove for hours!


Giving coffee a personal touch is just taking that extra step for the customer. Personalization is becoming a trend in many areas and you can now personalize your office coffee. There are even special coffee “printers” which sketch a logo, text or image onto the crema of a cappuccino. So why not give it a try?

Coffee trends

A trend you see a lot today is coffee cocktails. These are made with coffees such as cold brew. It looks nice and is tasty and coolly refreshing. Some other coffee trends include mixing coffees, cold brew coffees and nitro coffees, which are coffees to which nitrogen or nitrogen been added to give the beverage a large, frothy crema-style head.  

Plant-based dairy

A trend that has been around for a while in the food and beverage industry is the dairy-free, dairy-free, trend where dairy products are being replaced by plant-based alternatives. The number of people who no longer want to drink standard cow's milk has increased enormously in recent years and continues to rise. Today there are many plant-based alternatives to cow's milk, such as coconut milk, soymilk and oat milk. You can also make delicious cappuccinos and latte macchiato with these.  Why not check out this page from Nestlé Professional’s NutriPro magazine for additional information and advice.