Food & Beverage

Increasing restaurant employee motivation

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Customer service is absolutely crucial in the restaurant business. The best establishments are those that go above and beyond when it comes to making sure that your customers have an enjoyable experience. Some of that can be taught but what really sets a dining experience apart is often the motivated member of staff who goes the extra mile without being asked.

Setting goals for employees

Giving your staff objectives to reach is an easy way to ensure that they remain motivated. The restaurant business is competitive and tends to attract those who have a desire to prove themselves. Give your staff a way to channel their need to succeed and you’ll have a restaurant that functions more efficiently and that produces better results.

Providing training

Training has a dual purpose in the restaurant industry. It will not only make your employees feel valued and more likely to deliver fantastic customer service, but it will also teach them how to exceed expectations. Structured training programmes and the opportunity to advance will help you to attract the best and most ambitious candidates who will go on to deliver great things for your business.

Sharing responsibility

Although there is often a hierarchy, both back and front of house, it’s important to balance this with a sense of shared responsibility. Employees who feel ‘bought in’ to the business are much more likely to put its interest first and be constantly focusing on ways to improve and evolve it. There are many ways that you can share responsibility, from giving employees shares in the company, to involving them in decisions and the setting of goals. The result? You’ll have a whole team pushing towards success.

Rewarding your staff

Rewards and bonuses are one of the clearest ways to define what you consider to be positive behaviour and achievement in the context of your business. In offering these incentives, you’ll give your employees good reasons to excel at what they do. Rewards can be financial or lifestyle based, such as time off or gifts. You could recognise everything, from new dishes for the menu, to actions that have proactively supported others within the team. Motivating staff with rewards will not only make them more loyal but more determined to succeed too.

Having fun with your people

There’s probably nothing more motivating than feeling like a member of a genuine team - having fun is a big part of that. Provide opportunities for people to bond and get to know each other, relax and have fun outside of work and you’ll have a team that can beat any other in the service and success stakes.