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Get the perfect latte art: 3 great techniques

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Once you master latte art you’ll have happier customers and grow your business!

Latte art is a technique that any barista can use to grow business. The possibilities are enormous and the recipe for success is simple: passion, perseverance and imagination.

What is latte art?

It’s widely recognized that modern latte art was created by professional baristas Luigi Lupi and David Schomer. Both revolutionized the presentation of the espresso thanks to a simple but revolutionary idea: to add a drawing created by the barista onto the cream of the coffee.

Why do latte art?

If you can get a smile from your clients by drawing a flower or a heart, you will lay the foundations of a relationship of loyalty with your customers.

In addition, you can post pictures of your creations on your social networks to boost your business: you will receive "likes" as never before!  

3 great techniques to achieve the perfect latte art:

  1. Get yourself the ideal milk jug

In the market there are many different milk jugs, but for a perfect art latte you have to consider two requirements:

  • The jug has enough width to generate the cream that emerges from the mixture of milk with hot steam.
  • The peak of the jar is important: if you choose a rounded one, you can make more open forms, while a pointed peak will allow you to draw drawings with more finesse and precision. 
  • Ease-of-pour: free spill consists of adding a dose of milk poured from a jug into the espresso or cappuccino. Depending on the angle of fall and the quantity of milk, you will be able to make simple and recognizable shapes.

Hearts are popular with first-time baristas. To outline a heart, you must start with a direct and continuous pouring into the center of the cup, then lower the jar quickly and finish cutting the circle with the liquid, generating a heart.

  1. Use templates if you are starting

If you have not yet mastered latte art with profiling tools, you can start by using templates. For this you just need to place the template a few centimeters from the cup and sprinkle cocoa or cinnamon to print your drawing on the foam.

  1. Surprise your customers with the "etching art", molded with instruments

Molding with sticks or stirrers on the cream is a complex technique. But although its takes time to master, the results are spectacular and worth the time investment: animals, flowers or even more personalized designs. Your imagination is the limit!