Factors for pure office happiness

Monday, October 21, 2019

Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first. Maybe this is why many companies now hire a "Chief Happiness" or "Inspiration Officer." But how can you really contribute to the happiness of your colleagues?

The goal is to provide a working environment that improves the happiness of employees. For example, by properly informing everyone about developments in the organization. Lack of clarity can cause unrest and good communication prevents this. Think of an internal digital newsletter or social media platform, team updates or information in the elevator, meeting rooms or at the coffee machine.

The 5 most important happiness factors in the office

Where does that office happiness come from?

1. Interesting work

Varied activities provide more challenge and job satisfaction. The trick is to keep the work interesting and challenging in the knowledge that professional growth often occurs outside the comfort zone.

2. Pleasant colleagues

"Great colleagues", is one of the most frequently given answers to the question of what employees find important in their work. And if we’re honest, we all recognize ourselves to a greater or lesser extent in this response. Positive and friendly contact with colleagues not only has a positive influence on our well-being, but the ensuing friendships also give us the strength to better respond to a challenge or crisis.

3. Creativity

Unraveling a complex problem can be the start of something beautiful. The closer to the solution, the more enthusiastic people often become. New ideas create excitement and a breath of fresh air into organizations.

4. Involvement

Committed colleagues are more productive, creative and motivated. Communication plays an important role in this. People want to know that they are working on something important. Being part of a larger whole can also create bonds.

5. Freedom

Deciding as much a possible yourself when and where you work is increasingly viewed as a key job factor, especially among millennials who realise that organizing their own time has less stress, means less time in traffic jams and a better work/life balance. The work can also be better combined with the care for others, study or sports. Employees who work flexibly deliver at least as much results as their colleagues, sometimes even more, a win-win solution for all if managed right!

Bonus factor: great coffee at work!

Last but not least: did you know that for many people coffee is also a real happiness generator? It’s not for nothing that many organizations pay attention to creation pleasant and feel-good meeting spaces in their organizations. Think of a canteen or coffee corner as a breeding ground for new ideas and initiatives. The reception hall is also often a real atmosphere creator, which gives customers and employees a warm welcome.