Emerging new trends in coffee at the workplace

Monday, October 21, 2019

We drink around 400 billion cups of coffee a year worldwide. The demand for coffee has developed enormously in recent years. 

Breakfast at the workplace

People are increasingly having breakfast at work. And those who have breakfast generally have higher concentration, a better memory and feel more energetic. Add a good cup of coffee, and the day starts well. People who drink a few cups of coffee a day are generally more positive, think more creatively and learn new things more easily. A real kick-start to the day!

Coffee corners complement flexible workplaces

With the arrival of flexible workplaces, coffee is more and more a connecting factor between employees. We are more mobile and work in different locations. Organizations realize the importance of cross-pollination, inspiration and connection. Which is why office managers are investing more in creating a positive and inspiring work environment, such as a cosy reception, coffee corner or even your own eating area.

Feel good coffee is gaining ground

We all like to make wise choices, also in the workplace. This applies to all aspects of business operations. In addition, employees increasingly want to know exactly what the eat and drink and where it comes from. Sustainable coffee is therefore gaining ground.

Everyone a cup of quality

Coffee culture is changing fast. The coffee we taste out of the home, we now also serve at home and we expect nothing less at the office. The bar has been raised and coffee at the office must be just as good as at home, or better.


What’s more, coffee is increasingly being used as an ingredient for other drinks. It’s only a matter of time before cold coffee makes its appearance in the regular soft drink assortment and during the Friday afternoon TGIF drink.

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