Culinary recruitment resources and how to use them

Monday, February 26, 2018

Effective recruitment is fundamental to any business – and especially one operating in a high pressure industry like the restaurant business. It can be time consuming and costly if you’re not used to it, but there are many recruitment resources out there that can make life a lot easier.

Recruitment resources for the culinary industry

Internal hires – if you’re in need of someone to fill a position, have you looked first at those who already work for you? The perfect candidate could be right under your nose.

Advertising – industry journals, culinary websites, newspapers and specialist publications could all provide fertile ground for recruitment.

Schools, colleges and universities – if you’re looking for junior employees then there are established channels through which you can reach graduates and students.

Referrals – referrals are basically word-of-mouth recruitment. Someone you trust recommending someone else is often a good way to get an honest appraisal of skills and a good cultural fit.

Job boards – industry specific job boards are a simple way to target your recruitment at the right audience.

Your own website and social media, especially LinkedIn – new candidates could come from an existing following.

How to use recruitment resources

Recruitment should be an ongoing process – something you do long before you desperately need to fill a role. You can boost recruitment prospects by letting staff, contractors and suppliers know you’re always open to it and maintaining a profile in the industry. There are also some specific ways to optimise the resources available.

Internal hires – make sure you create an effective job ad even for an internal position. It should be prominently placed and express clearly what the job entails, what the expectations are and what the benefits include.

Advertising – if you’re going to incur the cost of advertising then it’s key to put plenty of thought into the ad. Make it short, direct, informative and enticing. Place it in locations where it will have a receptive target market.

Schools, colleges and universities – establish good relationships with culinary schools and colleges in your areas, give regular lectures or presentations, and showcase your restaurant so you’re on the radar of the best students early on.

Referrals – referrals are a quick and low cost way to recruit but you still need to do your research, check skills and qualifications and get hold of professional references.

Job boards – using industry specific job boards, such as LinkedIn, allows you to match your jobs post to what job seekers are looking for, reach a broader audience than just your local community and be visible where your potential candidates are.

Your own website and social media – make sure that you include plenty of keywords in any recruitment pages on your website and use social media tools, such as ads and relevant hashtags, to reach your audience.