Creating a Christmas atmosphere in your cafeteria

Friday, December 6, 2019

Christmas is a cherished time full of family and friend reunions, ideal to catch up with those you’ve not seen for a while. And what better way to do it around a smooth cup of coffee?

So why not follow some tips and tricks to keep your coffee business moving over the Christmas period.

Advantages of transmitting a Christmas atmosphere in your business
At Christmas, cities are filled with light and our homes decorated for celebrations. And by transferring that feeling of warmth to your business you send a message of welcome to your cherished customers.  It's not about completely modifying the look of your cafeteria, more about adapting some small details that bring a smile to your customers.  
Why not your napkins with some that contain a Christmas and Season’s Greetings message. Or include traditional recipes that customers can connect with.

And remember that you can always ask your hospitality coffee provider for advice if you don't know exactly how to create the appropriate festive cafeteria decoration.

Types of Christmas events
When thinking about the events in your it’s important to get the targeting right. If parents visit your business with their children, it is best to hold family events. By contrast, if your type of client is individual, think about offers and initiatives that can fit them and their aspirations.

Here are some ideas of Christmas events for your cafeteria:

  • Events for the whole family
    Nobody likes Christmas more than children. If you design events thinking of the smallest in the house, you will also attract their parents and increased takings will follow.
    Think about linking your products with letters so that the children write their Father Christmas letters while their parents drink coffee. Or you can decorate your window with Christmas motifs so that families take their children to see the cafeteria and then encourage them to come inside to warm up. 
  • Coffee tasting events
    Holiday time over the Christmas period gives people the opportunity to try new coffees. So why not organize a barista session where your patrons can learn all the secrets of their favorite beverage and teach them all the different coffee preparation techniques and some latte art?
  • Events to meet people
    Why not turn your cafeteria into a meeting point for groups with comment interests? It may seem obvious, but your business can serve as a link to make friends thanks to the pulling power of a great coffee.
    Think of groups with shared affinities: book readers, movie buffs, hip-hop fans, or sport devotees. Create an event on social networks for those people to meet at your cafeteria the same day as a movie release, a concert, or a sports match.
  • Spread out your events over the whole festive period
    Once you have prepared your events, the important thing is to spread it them out over time. The key is to connect to the most essential elements for any restaurateur today: social media!

Trust your coffee maker for coffee shops
And most important, you must serve GREAT COFFEE. At Nestlé Professional as suppliers for the hospitality industry, we offer you a wide range of products to satisfy the most demanding beverage palates. Remember that for these very special dates, you can choose to prepare original and different coffee recipes to expand your drinks menu and differentiate yourself from your competition.

Contact your Nestlé Professional representative now and Merry Christmas!