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Coffee machines for hotels: optimize the customer experience

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Most hoteliers know that they cannot do without good coffee solutions for their customers. There are still those who think that they do not need them or that they cost too much for their small establishment. But skimping on coffee is to miss the opportunities that if offers your business.

Why have coffee machines in hotels?

Many smaller hotels do not have enough space to install coffee machines for professional hotels. So, when offering breakfast service, for example, they provide basic alternatives such as the American classic, prepared in the hotel kitchen or instant coffee.
But imagine that in your small hotel, you now you install a coffee machine allowing customers to prepare their own coffee, quickly and easily, accessing a high quality coffee instead of the American classic that was there previously.


Everything depends on the space you have and the type of machine you acquire.

  • Coffee machines for large hotels

If your establishment quite large with several well differentiated sectors, you could install coffee machines designed for full-service hotels.
These machines can be used for breaks on each floor as well as for reception and common areas. They can also be placed in the buffet and restaurant areas, providing additional alternatives for the customer, either at breakfast or at the time of day when they want it in a self-serve manner.

  • Coffee machines for small hotels

For smaller hotels the alternative is to opt for coffee machines for hotels specially designed for a lower number of daily cups, an option which allows quality coffee without needing to change the structure of the establishment.
There is a wide choice of coffee machines for small hotels. But it is important to ensure that these machines don’t take up too much space and are as light and small as possible. Best is to place them in common areas to all guests.

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