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Coffee for companies: What coffee service can I offer to my employees?

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Is there anything more enticing and appealing in the morning than the aroma of coffee at the workplace?

This is one of the major reasons why coffee is an integral part of today’s workplace set-up.  One that also makes your company more competitive, if done rightly.

The hidden advantages of a top-class coffee solution in the workplace

Rather than a waste of money, decent coffee solutions in the office should be viewed an investment in the well-being of the employees, helping them relax, recuperate and re-charge to perform better. Put simply, coffee breaks improve productivity!
Beverage solutions for businesses comprise different models and sizes depending on the needs of your business and the estimated number of drinks per day, which we call “throughput” in the jargon

Nestlé Professional’s offer includes several profiles of intense flavour coffee, with both bean and soluble systems, milk without preservatives or additives or a delicious hot chocolate. Nestlé Professional’s beverage solutions also offer a range of decaffeinated coffee created through an exclusive process of natural decaffeination.
And many of our company's beverage solutions also serve cappuccino, lattè macchiato, tea and other infusions.

For more information on our wide variety of solutions, go to the Nestlé Professional website in your country: