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Chefify - How to get your restaurant team involved in your Social Media strategy

Monday, March 18, 2019

Social media can be a huge growth driver. If your business is seeking a new audience, launching a new location or looking to gain traction for a change of menu then a strong social media network can bring attention, as well as diners, through your doors. What many brands don’t realise is that your restaurant team is a huge asset when it comes to social media strategy.

Why get your restaurant team involved?

  • Expand the reach of your social networks
  • A cost effective way to drive social media growth
  • You may have many different talents within the team, from amateur writers to photographers
  • Employees will feel more engaged with the business
  • Your strategy will be more diverse and relevant

How to get your restaurant team involved

  • Encourage staff to have their own social profiles and give them access to Wifi during working hours. This obviously needs to be carefully managed to ensure the work still gets done. However, if you see social as a tool for growth then the value of employees who are tweeting, posting and snapping on the job is obvious.
  • Give your team a reason to get involved and advocate for the restaurant. Show them how they will benefit from your business enjoying better social engagement.
  • Create a social strategy to be proud of. Review your social profiles and approach and make sure you’re providing genuinely useful content, aesthetically pleasing photos and relevant posts. You’ll find your team much more willing to engage if they have high quality content to work with.
  • Share your social media strategy with the team. What are your goals for the next month and how are you hoping to achieve them? Which platform are you targeting? How does your social presence tie in with events that are upcoming in the restaurant? Share the details of your social strategy and you might find that staff have a lot of useful information to add.
  • Reward achievement. If a member of your team comes up with a great post or manages to get a celebrity endorsement that attracts hundreds of followers then reward them for it. You could even set up a contest to see who can contribute most towards your social strategy goals.
  • Give someone control. It’s a good idea to have one person who is the social media ‘go to’ for any questions or queries your staff might have about what they should or shouldn’t be posting. Back this up with a solid social media policy that is totally transparent about what is expected and what is not a good idea.