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NESCAFÉ® Crane Table Top Barista

Introducing the New NESCAFÉ® Table Top Barista

Meet Table Top Barista! It’s the ultimate in specialty coffee dispensing. Table Top Barista offers unique beverage  versatility catering to your dynamic consumer base. It delivers the ease of creating 8 different black and specialty coffee beverages at the push of a button. Table Top Barista’s unique technology  registers various cup sizes and automatically dispenses the correct amount of beverage without worry of overflow. Table Top Barista delivers a flavorful beverage in every cup…every time.


Height 30 inches

Width 17 inches

Depth 29 inches

Weight 154 pounds (empty)

Hopper Capacity 3.8 liter (1 gallon) hoppers (total of 5)

Cups per Minute 22 (5 oz. fill)

Water Tank Capacity 1.7 gallons (6.62 liters)

Water Line 3/4 inch



NESCAFÉ® 100% Colombian 100-28000-41412-900

NESCAFÉ® 100% Colombian Decaf. 100-28000-41413-600

NESCAFÉ® European Roast 100-28000-41414-300

Ristretto Cappuccino Topper Mix 00949-01475-200

Ristretto Danish Chocolate Mix 00949-02585-700

NESCAFÉ® CLÁSICOTM 000-28000-98132-700

NESCAFÉ® Café de Olla 000-28000-98133-400