New Hot Pockets® Panadas have gotta lotta flavor

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Say hello to new Panadas from Hot Pockets®

New Panadas feature a flaky, crispy crust of delicious dough wrapped around flavorful fillings just waiting to set off a taste explosion in your customers’ mouths.

With a tasty array of flavor options, Panadas can be served individually or bundled with a beverage program to provide a premium, portable snacking option customers will crave.

New Panadas are also:

  • Conveniently Portable

    The ideal grab-and-go breakfast or snack option
  • Mini-Meal Combos

    Perfect for combining with drinks or other sides to create mini-meal combos
  • Convenient to Prepare

    Panadas can be baked or fried depending on preference
  • Easy to Merchandise

    Sell more Panadas with point-of-sale items that truly stand out

Available in 7 on-trend comfort and ethnic flavors

  • 3 breakfast flavors that taste better than any morning wake-up call
  • 4 hearty, filling meal and snack flavors that satisfy any appetite