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Are you struggling to register or sign in? Do you want to know more about your website profile? Or are you, perhaps, curious to know more about Nestlé Professional? Read on for answers to your burning questions. Still an unanswered question? Contact us.  
  1. How do I register?
  2. I’ve filled in the whole form but it’s not letting me register. Why not?
  3. How do I sign in?
  4. Can I ask my PC to retain my sign-in details so it’s easier to sign in next time?
  5. I’ve forgotten my password. What do I do?
  6. What is My profile?
  7. I’ve forgotten my username. What do I do?
  8. Have you changed your name? I thought you were called Nestlé FoodServices.
  9. What’s your mission statement?
  10. What are the benefits of partnering with Nestlé Professional?
  11. What makes Nestlé Professional the out-of-home expert?
  12. How do I get to My profile?
  13. How can I ensure content is tailored to me?
  14. I’m only seeing my account details. How do I see the rest of My profile?
  15. How do I edit my sign-in details?
  16. How do I edit my 'Your Details' answers?
  17. How do I delete my account?
  18. I’ve just seen a pop-up window with a message that says, ‘This screen has been modified. Changes will be lost if you continue this action. Do you wish to continue this action’. Why am I seeing this message and what does it mean?
  19. What makes Nestlé Professional different from other food and beverage companies?
  20. What makes Nestlé Professional so good?
  21. Why is Nestlé Professional pioneering health, nutrition and wellness?
  22. Why do I need an email address that’s unique to me?