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                No one knows coffee like NESTLÉ® PROFESSIONAL™.

                Over 65 years’ of experience in sourcing, roasting, blending and tasting coffee.A full range of coffee solutions, from tin & spoon to floor standing vending and table top machines, for all business types and sizes. An exceptional range of soluble, roast and ground coffees, hot beverage ingredients, equipment and service. Offers more insight and research into UK coffee drinkers than anyone else.

                How Coffee is Made

                Turning green coffee beans into high quality soluble coffee products requires a great deal of expertise and technical know-how...

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                With our cross-functional teams, Nestlé Professional develops comprehensive solutions drawing on our global resources. And we can add to them as your business grows.

                History of Coffee

                Where did coffee originate? How did coffee become the world's second most valuable traded commodity? Read on to find out more...