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Maggi Gravy

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Features and Benefits


Authentic, rich, meaty taste*
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Low fat per 100ml – made with sunflower oil
Quick and easy to use, for a consistently great taste*
Available in three varieties – Original, Dark Vegetarian, and Golden
Bain-Marie stable, freeze/thaw stable, microwaveable
Packaged in a MAGGI tub - re-usable and re-sealable plastic tub which is freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe
12 months shelf life**
Smooth, glossy finish
Allows menu flexibility with one product:

Classic pour over gravy
Ingredient for pies, hot pots, shepherds pie, spaghetti bolognaise
Original for beef, lamb and pork
Dark Vegetarian for both for meat and vegetarian dishes
Golden for chicken and turkey

* In a recent study of 210 consumers, MAGGI Gravy was preferred over the leading competitor - JRA Research, Nestlé, 2007
** From production date

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Packaging information
Product DescriptionPack SizeYield per Case
MAGGI Original Gravy2 x 2kg52 litres
MAGGI Original Gravy1 x 10kg130 litres
MAGGI Dark Vegetarian Gravy2 x 2kg52 litres
MAGGI Golden Gravy2 x 2kg52 litres
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