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Herta Hot Dogs

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Features and Benefits


Simply the best brand

HERTA is the No.1 premium hot dog brand in the UK* and has the strongest brand awareness in the market**
HERTA will maximise your profits
 Increased cash margins vs other snacks (i.e. nuts, crisps)
 Research suggests consumers will pay more for the HERTA brand**
Simply the best quality product
Premium, imported frankfurters from Germany with 86% pork content
Taste highly rated by consumers**
NO mechanically recovered meat, NO added MSG & gluten free
Authentic beech wood smoked for extra flavour and a better taste
Great texture & won’t split when heated
Simple to cook…
HERTA frankfurters are pre-cooked, just reheat to over  63ºc
HERTA can be simmered, steamed, grilled, fried or microwaved using existing kitchen equipment
Simple to store…
Ambient, can be stored at room temperature
9 months shelf life
Vacuum-packed foil pouches for improved waste management & easy handling


*IRI w/e 29.12.2007, ** JRA Research, Quantitative Research Dec 06


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Packaging information
Product DescriptionPack SizeYield per Case
HERTA Hot Dog 6 x 10 x 50g60
HERTA Hot Dog Standard 6 x 8 x 90g48
HERTA Hot Dog King-size6 x 7 x 90g42
HERTA Hot Dog 6 x 9 x 140g54
THOMY Ketchup3 x 3kg500**
THOMY Mustard3 x 3kg500**
** Based on 5g per serving  
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