Who’s Drinking Cold Brew and Why

Friday, August 18, 2017

Cold brew consumer habits

About half of consumers, especially Millennials, seek innovation around coffee. Because younger generations tend to be more adventurous when it comes to their food and beverage choices, it makes sense that cold brew consumption is driven by Millennials.2

Cold brew coffee appeals to customers of all ages, with younger generations leading the crowd.1

  • 54% of millenials drink cold brew
  • 24% of Gen X drinks cold brew
  • 11% of baby boomers drink cold brew

Cross-generationally, consumers find cold coffee fun to drink, and sometimes consider it a way to treat themselves. The majority of cold brew coffee drinkers use cold brew as a way to start their day, but because of its association with desserts, cold brew is not limited to a breakfast complement or replacement.2

When consumers eat a meal away from home, 63% order a beverage other than water.3 And since most cold brew coffee is sourced away from home,2 this offers operators the chance to capture sales.

When consumers choose to drink cold brew away from home, there are six different reasons.2

  1. Wake up and start the day
  2. Something indulgent
  3. Dessert after a meal
  4. Meal replacement
  5. Energy
  6. Something sweet



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