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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Customizable Offerings to Keep Customers Energized

Customers consistently rank hot brewed coffee at C-Stores above other foodservice segments. With the influx of Millennials and Generation Z who are seeking alternative milks, new flavors, and candy toppings,1 C-Stores have an opportunity to draw an even larger crowd with customizable beverage solutions. Visitors value the expediency that C-Stores offer with regard to hot brewed coffee selection,1 and appreciate innovation around coffee flavors, creamers, and creamer formats.2

Coffee & Creamers

Brewed hot coffee continues to be a popular beverage choice across the board, with nearly 50% of people having at least one cup of coffee per day. Tap water is the only drink that is more popular.3

C-Store visitors want the ability to customize a beverage, and they typically choose to customize with dairy and sweeteners. Whereas 72% of foodservice customers in the U.S. cream their coffee on most of their visits, 86% of 7-Eleven’s frequent customers cream their coffee on most occasions.4 Although traditional creamer flavors still reign, C-Stores customers look for out-of-the-box options as well,2 which operators can provide as limited time offers (LTOs). Seasonal flavors garner high interest from consumers, with 35% saying they are interested in seasonal offerings.5

Flavored creamers appeal to guests

  • Half & Half
  • Hazelnut
  • Original
  • French vanilla
  • Pumpkin spice
  • Peppermint mocha
  • Irish crème
  • Salted Chocolate Caramel

C-Store customers prefer certain beverage condiment packages over others; although, currently less favorable creamer formats are growing in popularity. Over 40% of C-Store customers who use beverage condiments want individual serving packets, and 22% like to use automatic dispenser machines. Two formats that are growing are original full-sized containers and carafes, especially as the number of beverage condiment selections increase. Brand names on the original packaging can assist customers in identifying their favorite products.1 Full-sized containers and carafes could minimize labor costs as well as help prevent waste and theft.

Ask an expert: Renee Fahoome
Nestlé Professional, national account manager

“Convenience Stores can set up separate creaming stations for more of a coffee house appeal – something Millennials seek. With multiple creaming solutions and better flow through the store, a creamer station reduces line size and increases efficiency for all involved.”

Cold brew

Cold brew is a smooth, less bitter, and less acidic beverage option gaining traction across foodservice segments.

Around 65% of consumers indicate their last cold brew coffee beverage was flavored, and 80% of other consumers would be interested in trying flavored cold brew coffee.2 By offering flavored creamers as part of a creamer station, C-Store operators can attract an even wider coffee audience.


Another beverage with the potential to energize operators’ menus are smoothies. Since smoothies have a high interest with consumers but are not on many C-Store menus,1 operators can draw in crowds by showcasing this healthful beverage option front and center.

Many consumers are willing to pay more for items with better-for-you descriptors,6 so point out when smoothies are made using fruits and vegetables

Food combos "Refuel"

Both smoothies and coffee pair well with C-Store menu items. Customers want foods and beverages that can be purchased as part of a combo meal, and they are more likely to order a healthier combo if it is in a lower price range.6

Ask an expert: Renee Fahoome
Nestlé Professional, national account manager

"Customers have to get gas, so that helps C-Stores pull people into the store. If I go in and grab my coffee or breakfast foods at a QSR or coffee shop, I’m waiting in line. But if I have somewhere I can customize my food and beverage by going in the store while I’m pumping my gas, that creates a draw. It’s a one-stop shop."

Operators can maintain flavor and still offer better-for-you combos. Breakfast especially is growing in popularity at a rapid pace.1 Hot-brewed coffee pairs well with breakfast sandwiches. Since protein-packed egg whites have grown 30% on QSR menus,7 C-Stores can tap into those customers by providing egg white breakfast sandwiches as part of an energizing combo meal with a coffee or smoothie.

Operators can also pair smoothies with protein-rich, energy-boosting snacks such as packages of sunflower seeds for on-the-go consumers looking for healthier options8 or hummus, which gets its protein power from chickpeas.9



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