Friday, October 26, 2018

What are the differences in coffee consumption habits between South East Asian neighbors the Philippines and Malaysia?

In both the Philippines and Malaysia, people consume their first coffee of the day after leaving home. It is hot and used primarily as a boost to “wake me up” at or on the way to their workplace.
During the day, hot coffee is drunk as a taste neutralizer after a meal or as a beverage go to with a dessert. Typically, consumers ask for classic black coffee.  The coffee is then drunk black or “whitened “by the consumers themselves. The usage of flavors is not common.
Refreshing cold coffee is also trending, with the most popular beverages being frozen coffee such as Frappuccino, and iced white coffee.  Flavors are used more in cold coffee than in hot coffee, especially in frozen coffee beverages.

In the Philippines, people use powdered creamers in their black coffee and tea to enhance the flavors of the beverages by making them creamier.
Coffee-mate is the most common brand used in the Philippines. It is a brand they love as many people grew up with it. Coffee-mate is perceived to be richer and creamier than the other products available.
In Malaysia by contrast, people used sweet condensed milk and evaporated milk for sweetening, whitening and thickening the texture of their beverages to get a creamy mouthfeel. These two products define for them a classic taste, sought out by consumers. They also allow for sugar reduction, without altering the beverage taste.
Consumers in Malaysia do not add powder creamers to the beverages they drink out-of-home because they consider that creamers do not sweeten nor thicken the texture of their drinks enough. Nevertheless, customers are ready to offer Coffee-mate flavored creamers to differentiate themselves from competition and attract young consumers.

Source: customer research made by Kantar TNS for Nestlé Professional Beverages – December 2017