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Nestlé Professional was created to be an inspiring growth partner that delivers competitive and creative, branded food and beverage solutions. We are passionate in providing our Customers with trusted brands with the highest quality products.

We are committed to Nutrition,Health and Wellness, aspiring to provide healthier choices for your consumers. Nestlé Professional brings together our strengths and resources from around the world so that you can increase the value of, and improve your product offering to your consumers.

As we grow with each other, we will continue to provide you with quality and exciting choices, from established brands; loved and trusted for generations.

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Route to your plate:

Research shows that 2010 food trends forecast shows the search for more foods that are healthier, simpler, carry that nostalgic comfort of home food, and room being made for more delights. Consumers becoming more aware of their buying choices and their subsequent effects on our environment, a greater need to know where foods are coming from, how they were produced, the parties involved and their effect on our planet before they reach our plates.

Nutri Pro

NUTRI PRO is a newsletter from Nestlé Professional, developed for those professionals who are interested in the topic of nutrition and would like to learn more. To equip you and your business to face the challenges within the the food and beverage industry, Nestlé Professional has developed this newsletter to make you knowledgeable of trends and scientific findings in a particular oriented way.