NutriPro Umami - Celebrating Savoury

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Where to find umami ? 

Experimenting with umami can bring an exciting new dimension of flavor to your food. Try adding umamirich ingredients to a few of your recipes and see how positively your customers respond. The savory flavor can come from either glutamate or ribonucleotides, two sources that occur naturally in many foods.1

Going meatless 

With many customers now seeking vegetarian options, umami can offer a savory and satisfying experience without the meat

Combos to try:

  • A grilled portobella can be as satisfying as a burger.
  • Aged Parmesan cheese can give tomato sauce on pasta a more complete taste.
  • Tomato broth makes a delicious base for a meatless soup.
  • Adding peas or corn to a salad can boost the umami experience.

Did you know?

Some people have difficulty recognizing umami taste. This taste insensitivity has a genetic basis.2

Glutamate contents of food1

Tomato juice1 Cup827
Tomato3 Slices339
Meat loaf dinner9 Oz.189
Mushrooms1/4 Cup94
Parmesan cheese2 Tbsp47
Corn1/2 Cup31
Peas1/2 Cup24
Cow's milk1 Cup16
Canned tuna (in water)1/2 Can8



1) U.S. Food and Drug Administration

2) Kodama S (1913). Journal of the Chemical Society of Japan 34: 751.