NutriPro Sweetened beverages - Happy customers

Monday, January 8, 2018

As a foodservice operator, you have several ways to keep your consumers happy and healthy, while meeting local regulations, too. Try these tips:

On the menu

  • Offer a variety of serving sizes, allowing people to control their own intake.
  • Offer smaller sized servings for petite appetites or thirst. remember to price all sizes fairly so oversized drinks do not cost less than smaller servings.
  • Serve drinks unsweetened when possible, giving each customer options to customize based on their own tastes and dietary needs.
  • Dress it up: add sliced fruit or cucumbers to water for a refreshing, nearly sugar-free drink.
  • Make various alternative sweeteners available.

Off the menu

  • Provide point-of-sale materials sharing simple, user-friendly information on calories, sugar content, and nutritional value of beverages.
  • Share information via Qr codes, tray liners, table tents, your menu, or whatever tools work best.
  • Don’t encourage up- sizing to larger sizes or 2 for the price of one.