NutriPro The sweet side of sugar reduction - What's hot in coffee sweeteners

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Not every customer wants to drink coffee black. Thankfully, there are many creative ways to add flavour and sweetness without overloading on sugar, syrups, and whipped cream.
  • Steam milk before adding to coffee to enhance its natural sweetness. Pro tip: 60-65 degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature for creating perfect foamand preventing milk “skin” from forming.
  • Some common flavours are associated with sweetness. Dust the top of a drink with cocoa, cinnamon, or vanilla powder.
  • Use cold brew coffee, which tends to have less bitter notes. 
  • Infuse cold brew coffee with citrus peels or other fruits to intensify sweetness perception.
  • Try using filtered water to limit minerals,which can taste bitter and minimise sweetness.

Adding interest without extra sugar

Of course, adding sugar isn’t the only way to make beverages attractive to your customers. You can also boost colour (more intense colours are associated with sweetness),1 add herbs or spices to create intriguing scents and flavours, or create interesting contrasts by accenting with tart and bitter tastes or different textures like crushed ice and soft berries. Cheers!
1.  Johnson and Clydesdale, 1982