NutriPro The sweet side of sugar reduction - What is sugar?

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Sugar is a carbohydrate, a natural source of energy found in many types of food. There are six types of simple sugars. 
 Simple SugarCommun Food Source
MonosaccharidesFructoseHigh fructose corn syrup, fruits, vegetables, honey
MonosaccharidesGlucoseGrains, pasta
MonosaccharidesGalactoseDairy products
Disaccharides: Glucose+GalactoseLactoseDairy products
Disaccharides: Glucose+FructoseSucroseSugar beets, sugar cane
Disaccharides: Glucose+GlucosemaltoseMolasses, beer


Know your Limits

In 2015, WHO issued recommendationsto reduce free sugar consumption to less than 10% of energy intake for both adults and children. 
Further reducing free sugar intake toless than 5% of energy intake wouldprovide additional benefits.2

In practical terms
5% of daily energy intake corresponds with:
  • Adults: Less than 6 teaspoons of free sugar per day
  • Children: Less than 5 teaspoons of sugar per day.

1 gram=4kcals
4 grams=1 teaspoon