NutriPro The Sweet Side of Sugar Reduction - Sugar Love it or Leave it?

Friday, May 4, 2018

It’s on every table, and seemingly everybody’s mind. From a spoonful in coffee to baked goods, desserts, and even some condiments, sugar is an important ingredient or addition to many recipes. However, while most customers like to indulge their sweet tooth when they dine out, sugar consumption is on the rise1, and public health authorities and governments are pressuring people and the industry to consume less. 

Controlling Sugar Intake

The World Health Organization has recommended limits on the amount of sugar people consume2, and multiple governments around the world have enacted new regulations or taxes to help reduce added sugar consumption.3

Finding a Balance

Today, the foodservice industry is facing a challenge. Is it possible to meet the new health guidelines, follow government regulations, and deliver enough flavour to keep your customers satisfied?

Equipping Yourself to Succeed

The Sweet Side of Sugar Reduction NutriPro it is designed to help you learn more about sugar– where it’s found in food and beverages, how it affects people’s health, and what you can do to reduce sugar in your recipes. You can use this information to help educate your staff and your customers about these concerns, new guidelines, and the positive steps you’re taking in your own kitchens and cafés.


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