NutriPro The sweet side of sugar reduction - Making it light

Thursday, August 31, 2017

There are many ways to cut down on sugar without compromising on the  delicious look and taste of foods. Experiment with a few of these methods  to create a satisfying reduced-sugar dessert.
  1. Replace some sugar in cream or fruit  fillings and toppings with stevia extract,  experimenting to perfect the flavour.
    Try starting with a 10% reduction, and  remember that stevia extract is not a  1:1 replacement – you need much less  to get the same taste impact. Garnish  the dessert with an edible stevia leaf for  a sweet surprise.
  2. Consider how sweetness is distributed  in your recipe and where it has the  biggest impact. For example, you can  increase the sweetness of fillings  slightly, while decreasing sugar in the  batter. The fillings will work harder to  boost sweetness perception, but overall  total sugars can be lowered.
  3. Add fresh, ripe berries (or your other  favourite fruits) since ripe fruit notes  enhance sweetness perception.
  4. Add complexity to the sensory  experience to take the focus off of  sweetness. For example, choose  bourbon vanilla instead of regular  vanilla. Or, add nuts or other garnishes  for contrasting textures that add a bit  of crunch, crackle or snap.

Remember—serving smaller portions is also an important way to reduce sugar (and calories).