NutriPro Simple & Authentic – Consider the source of where you food comes from

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Consumers increasingly want to know what’s in their food, and one way you can reassure them is by drawing attention to where it comes from.

By incorporating meat and produce from local farms into your menu, you can provide more of the transparency that your guests are hungry for.

There are many ways to source fresher, more natural, and more authentic foods.

As the farm-to-fork trend becomes the new normal1, you can partner with nearby farms to supply chicken, beef, or seasonal produce. Some restaurants are moving the “farm” closer to their tables2, offering salad greens grown in their own plot or herbs snipped from a greenhouse on-site.

You can also give your guests an authentic experience by buying food from the regions where it’s grown— such as virgin olive oil from Greece or Parmesan cheese from Italy. Making these ingredients the stars of your dishes will go a long way toward building consumer trust, and you can get creative with all-natural sauces, fonds, and other accents from your existing suppliers to complete the experience.



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