NutriPro Portion Awareness - A Visual Guide to Portion Sizes

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

How much is a portion? The answer is in your hands.

NutriPro Portion Awareness - A visual guide to portion sizes

Understanding the guidelines

Serving appropriate portion sizes begins with knowing what they look like. While guidelines may vary from country to country, some helpful tips are literally right in your hands.
With this in mind, it’s also helpful to visualize what a single meal should look like. Various health authorities provide helpful guidance, such as MyPlate in the US and the EatWell Plate from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in the UK. In general,  the focus is on increasing vegetables—half of the plate should be made up of fruits and vegetables. Then, another quarter comes from (preferably whole) grains, and the last quarter from lean protein.
While these models are easy to visualize, controlling portions is more challenging when food groups are mixed together. For dishes like noodle bowls, stews and pasta, standardised measuring tools can help the kitchen keep portions consistent.



NutriPro Portion Awareness

NutriPro Portion Awareness