NutriPro Portion Awareness - The Sizing of Beverages

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Shaping bottles of soda and glasses of water.

Pouring it On: Expanding Soda Sizes1


When soda was first introduced, it was sold in glass bottles that measured  just 190 ml apiece. Manufacturers moved to cans in the 1960s, increasing the volume to 355 ml per serving. In the 1990s,  590 ml plastic bottles became popular, and consumers  can now buy soda in bottles up to 1240 ml.

A Tall Drink of Water


The shape of the glass can influence people’s perceptions of how much liquid is being served.  Tall, thin glasses are perceived to contain more than short, wide glasses. Recent research also  shows that people tend to over-pour into short, wide glasses. Set a standard to keep beverage  servings constant, no matter what type of glassware you use1.
1Caljouw, van Wijck, 2014