NutriPro Portion Awareness - On the Plate

Monday, July 17, 2017

The 10 essential tips for Plating:

One of the challenges of right-sizing  portions is meeting the expectations of  guests and not compromising on their  perceived value equation. Try these  clever plating techniques from chefs  and researchers to help support a  mission of moderation.

  1. Experiment with plate size to create a perception of visual abundance.1
  2. Make use of wide rims to frame the dish.1
  3. Slice protein and fan pieces across plate.
  4. Choose elongated, thinner cuts which  may make items appear larger.2
  5. Use sauces to create visual value around the edges of the plate, or pour sauce into a small ramekin to emphasize its  presence and value.
  6. Create visual interest with dark or bright sauces on white plates.
  7. Arrange leafy vegetables to take up space on the plate.
  8. Instead of one large piece of protein, offer two or more smaller pieces. Multiple  items tend to increase the perceived  amount of food more than overall size.3
  9. Decrease the proportion of energy- dense items (e.g. meat, heavy sauces,  starches) and increase the proportion of vegetables.
  10. Use firmer textures since the more time food spends in the mouth (“oralexposure”) the more it increases satiety  and satisfaction.4

Visual value


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