NutriPro Portion Awareness - Child's Play

Monday, July 17, 2017

Rethinking the kids’ menu? These simple ideas can help  encourage healthy changes while appealing to young diners

Here's how:

  • Artistic presentations can make it  more fun for kids to go beyond  breaded chicken and fries. Try  arranging items into a friendly face.  Using ingredients typically found  on your line can ease any extra  efforts in the back of the house.
  • Offer a palette of colorful fruitsand vegetables that kids can use to  decorate their own plates, since  taking part in “making” food may  encourage them to eat it.1
  • Serve cucumber and zucchini slices for  an edible game of tic-tac-toe while kids  wait for the rest of their meal.
  • Give children’s dishes fun names on the  menu, like “Celery Swords” or “Broccoli  Bouquets,” to encourage them to eat  their vegetables.


Did you know?

Some Japanese parents create elaborate “Bento box” lunches for their kids using everyday ingredients. Try making your own by cutting fruits and vegetables into stars, flowers, or animal shapes.
1Van der Horst, Ferrage, Rytz, 2014