NutriPro Portion Awareness - Big Experience - Small Portion

Monday, July 17, 2017

Sometimes what makes a dessert special  doesn’t add a single calorie. It might be a unique  serving vessel, like a Mason jar or a spoon. Perhaps it’s a surprising combination of colors, a juxtaposition of flavours (sweet with salty,  sour, or bitter), a crispy crunch paired with a  smooth, creamy filling, or even the contrast of hot and cold foods together that seems to capture the smoke from a campfire.
With a little inspiration, the creative chef can transform a few, high-quality ingredients into an experience to remember.

Did you know?

The Café Gourmand, typical in France, combines three  bite-sized desserts with a cup of coffee. It satisfies the  diner with a sweet finish, while letting them experience  three different (petite) dessert adventures.