Nutripro Open for Business: Reaching out to Guests

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

As people ease back into dining out, consumers are understandably more concerned with health and safety. You can reassure them by demonstrating how much thought you’ve already put into keeping them safe and showing them the changes you’ve made at your business.

Communicating with guests is instant and easy with digital tools


On your website

• Post a statement summing up changes you’ve made to keep guests safe.

• Promote online ordering along with takeout and delivery options.

• Enhance your online ordering system and/or link to third-party delivery options.

• Update your online menu with any changes you’ve made, and make sure third-party delivery partners have the latest version.


On social media

• Maintain a positive tone, showing how people can still enjoy eating out.

• Create family, date night, or other concept-based promotions.

• Offer a charity event where guests can buy a meal and donate one to a teacher or healthcare worker.

• Promote new options like take-and-bake dishes, meal kits, and beverage mixes.

• Engage your public with hashtags and contests.

• Capture contact information to build your guest list.


In email/newsletters

• Preview new online or phone-based ordering and payment systems to prevent confusion.

• Offer an interview with your chef on new menu options.

• Share tips on recycling or reusing takeout containers.



Connecting with your team

As you make changes at your business, remember that your team will also need education and support. To ease the transition, try these strategies:

  1. Schedule training on new safety and sanitation protocol for all employees.
  2. Make sure your staff knows how to use new ordering and payment tools and how to team with delivery partners.
  3. Update servers on menu changes.
  4. Use digital tools to instantly alert staff of COVID exposure or restaurant closure.
  5. Send frequent thanks for their extra efforts and hard work.



Dining out is still an experience that people enjoy and want to be part of their lives. Even during a pandemic, convenience and cravings keep driving them to go out1. The question is how we can make the most of that experience, despite our new limitations.


The key is to put yourself in their shoes, anticipating their concerns at every step and looking for ways to make dining out feel easier, safer, and more enjoyable. By showing your concern for people’s welfare, comfort, and satisfaction with your food, you can rebuild trust and get back to feeding your community.

Let's get back to business again.




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