Nutripro Open for Business: A new way to handle beverages

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Consumers still crave coffee and other upscale beverages—but they also want extra measures to protect their health. How can you deliver everything they want?

In person:


When preparing and serving beverages by hand:

• Clean and disinfect equipment frequently.

• Wash and sanitise hands often.

• Stay at least two metres away from guests while preparing beverages.

• Clean reusable cups properly or use disposable cups.

• Use one hand to hold cups and avoid touching the rim or inside of cup.

• Offer online orders, pickup-only storefronts, curbside delivery, and/or expanded drive-through service.

• Set up touch-free payment systems.


Via automated machines:


These sophisticated machines solve multiple concerns:

• In a self-serve context, touchless ordering lets guests select and pay by phone.

• Beverages can be freshly prepared without the manual intervention of staff.

• Automation limits team size in the kitchen to provide better distancing for employees.

• Able to deliver the quality and custom choices that guests crave.

• On-demand dispensing meshes with grab-and-go delivery.

• 24/7 availability captures demand outside of regular meal times.



Thirsting for something different?


As food service operators, it is important for us to help guests make wiser, healthier drink choices. After months of home isolation, 32% of people said they were more conscious of their weight than before COVID-191 . We can help them by offering less sugary drinks like low-sugar fruit juices and coffee beverages. Current conditions have also led to new trends in the beverage category, including more interest in functional drinks2 and a sense of well-being. You can make the most of these by considering these additions to your recipes:


  1. Faced with a crisis, more guests are thinking about their health3. Consider adding ingredients like green tea, rooibos tea, kombucha, and matcha to your menu.


  1. Ingredients like rosemary, lavender, and chamomile are more popular as people may perceive them as soothing. These aromatic herbs can be a welcome addition to hot or cold tea.


  1. Whipped cream, chocolate shavings, fancy garnishes, and decorative foam can feel like a treat or a return to normalcy, even if people are enjoying beverages on the go instead of sitting in a café or restaurant.




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