Nutripro Open for Business: Customer Experience

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

What else can you do to adjust to the new reality? One method that successful entrepreneurs use is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes.

For organizations who sell via multiple channels, the pandemic has put eCommerce centre stage. The surge of online traffic is creating opportunities for B2B organizations to reach new customers. Expectations for the online customer journey have been set high by B2C players, and B2B professionals are looking to emulate a similar experience with self-service technologies and partner portals that meet customer demands for ease of use.


By considering every step of their experience, you can make people comfortable and confident about dining out again.



Use social media to show what you’ve done to retool your business and enhance safety. Create “coming soon” messages or countdowns to build buzz around your reopening.



Reach out to guests online and remind them how great it is to eat out. Try a campaign of social media posts, texts, and emails to promote specials, theme nights, new menu items, and takeout/delivery options. You can also provide incentives and a link or QR code to your online menu to make ordering fast and easy.



Rely on digital tools to make ordering easy, reduce constant phone calls, and avoid touching menus and money. To avoid crowding, be specific about pickup times and text guests when their order is ready. Designate an area for pickup to maintain social distancing, and use touchless payment systems or clean screens after each use. You might also throw in a pack of hand wipes, a note about your sanitation practices, and a thank you for ordering.



To stagger guests, set up signs to mark waiting areas, along with instructions and a phone number to call or text when they arrive. Post a QR code or link so they can browse the menu, place their order, and pre-pay before they enter to limit time indoors. Then call or send a text to let customers know when their table is ready.



Post a sign reminding guests that you comply with all local regulations. Remind them to wear a mask and use the hand sanitiser after they open the door, and keep a supply of disposable masks handy. You may also want to mark the floor or provide signage to limit interactions between guests and provide social distancing.



Place chalkboards or digital menus at strategic points around the restaurant, or use disposable paper menus and/or a link to an online menu. Use a paper tablecloth and napkins, or change linens after each guest. Instead of presetting the table, bring wrapped glasses and utensils to the table or sanitise them in front of guests. You can also offer a bag or envelope to store masks while eating and provide disposable hand wipes.



Use touchless payment systems to avoid handling cash, receipt holders, credit cards, and pens. If you can, assign a different door to exit. And of course, thank guests for trusting you and invite them back.